Red Lake Properties

Key Facts

Location: Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

Mineral Tenure: 28,266 ha

Interest: 100% 

Deposit type: No deposits; various types of mineralization and metals

Stage: Early exploration

Infrastructure: limited

Royalties: Various; Royal Gold 1.0% (subject to 4.0% cap)


Red Lake, Ontario, Canada is one of the most prolific gold mining districts in the world. The region has produced more than 28 million ounces of gold. Rubicon controls more than 100-square miles, or 28,000 hectares, of mainly grassroots exploration property in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada, which makes Rubicon the second largest land holder in the region. High-interest exploration targets include:

  • Adams Lake
  • DMC
  • Slate Bay
  • East Bay
  • Red Lake North
  • McCuaig

History and Current Status

Currently, exploration activities on the Red Lake properties are on hold. The company is continually evaluating was to extract value from its Red Lake properties.



Drill Results