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    Capital Structure & Royalties

    Sprott Lending

    • C$12.0 million secured Loan Facility
    • 4-year term (December 31, 2020 maturity), with the entire principal amount payable at maturity
    • Annual payment-in-kind interest rate of 5.0%, with the entire aggregate amount payable at maturity

    Royal Gold Inc.

    • 1.0% NSR on Rubicon's Ontario assets, including Phoenix Gold Project (subject to an aggregate 4.0% NSR cap on any one property)
    • 2.5% NSR on Rubicon's Nevada/Utah properties (subject to an aggregate 5.0% NSR cap on any one property)
    • Rubicon's rights to acquire any portion of an existing NSR that is subject to a buyback provision and a right of first refusal in respect of any royalty, stream, participating interest in production or amount of gold or other minerals based on production, that the Company wishes to offer for sale in relation to the Company's current properties.

    Franco-Nevada Corp.

    • Franco-Nevada entered into an agreement to purchase the existing 2.0% NSR on Rubicon's Phoenix Gold Project water claims
    • Royal Gold has the right to purchase 25% of the NSR (or 0.5%) for US$675,000 and the right of first refusal on the remaining 75% of the NSR

    Equity Ownership